Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Love Lost on the Dark Star, Ep 4: In Exile

Golke sleeps through the warm night, still bound.

"Why is it that the humans call this planet a star, Balis?" Liske asks, laying next to the fire.

"Because humans are simple creatures." He replies. "Technically the star at the heart of this solar system is the Dark Star, and this planet is DSK1299-01; it's a mouthful for these homonidae. Instead, they speak generally of this planet as the Dark Star, as it is the only one they can successfully land on."

"Why don't they just rename the planet something that they can pronounce?" Liske prods further.

"Hah. Humans can't get anything done without ages of bureaucracy first." Balistoi answers. "Now get some rest. You'll be on guard soon enough."

Liske turns and buries his head in the sand to cool his head. Balistoi sits on the other side of the campfire, keeping an eye on his two travel companions.

"All over a few human lives." He thinks, reflecting on the events that brought him to this gratlackt shithole in the first place. He wandered Ghulral for years after his exile, being cheated from and lied to by any friendly face in the deserts. Eventually, he grew thick skin, but over scarred tissue.

Back on Prrux, so many years ago, he was a promising young warrior. He was hailed by his people, one of the top athletes in their hunts. He was flawed though. The prisons on his planet held many political prisoners and civilians. He sympathized with the humans who were held without rights or charges. He publicly decried their treatment, arguing that they had become the devils they hunted. This was controversial.

One day, after enough death threats, he made a decision. He needed to back up his words. Balistoi unlocked the prisons and unleashed the humans into the streets to riot. He filled his private transport vessel, a rare thing on Prrux, and left for a human colony on Claevick. Upon his arrival though, he was not met with open arms. Wise to his scheme, the Prru leaders had warned the humans of a rogue attack ship, and he was shot down, crash landing on the small agricultural planet. When they found him, surrounded by dead humans, he was put in a cage and treated like an animal.

He was to be returned to his people for sentencing. He stood, silently, in his cage, bearing all the guilt for his failed attempt. His only friend was a small boy who brought him marqilis fruit every morning. Biting into the fruit, as he had done everyday, he was surprised by a solid metal clang between his bony gnashers. The kid snuck him a key, hidden in the fruit. He didn't know why, and he didn't question it. He let himself out and made a run for Ghulral, or the Dark Star as human's know it, and he's been running ever since.

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