Monday, August 29, 2011

Logic & Empathy

EPS: "It gets better. Life is an open landscape."

CLOS: "Many of us are trapped, and many more feel that they are."

EPS: "It isn't perfect, but a lot of time and luck went into our very existence. I am overcome by the thought of how unusual and fortunate it is that I live. I get to have experience. I learn, love, laugh, and live."

CLOS: "At the very least, you think that you do. Our pain is what really connects us all, and I sometimes wonder how much longer I can stand this experience."

EPS: "But there is nothing else, and as far as I can tell, this is my only chance. Why dwell on that which makes me unhappy? Why let things make me unhappy?"

CLOS: "Because we are problem solvers, each seeking to fix the universe which bore us. We need that pain in order to keep surviving. If we are numb to this sensation, we are stagnant."

EPS: "Some pain cannot be solved, and besides that, there are far more capable solvers than I."

CLOS: "It doesn't work that way. We don't get to take the good without the bad. Each of us learns and adapts. When we cease to do so, we cease to live."

EPS: "How do you explain that to those who suffer? Those with real problems?"

CLOS: "What are real problems? What aren't real problems? It's not my place to decide that."

EPS: "Then what is it you propose, if it isn't comfort?"

CLOS: "Perspective. Stand back from your own personal situation and think about the city, the country, the planet, and the universe. See how small a part you are of the past, present and future of these things. Then re-evaluate your priorities."

EPS: "They'll never go for that."

CLOS: "For once, I think we agree."

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