Monday, April 25, 2011


Nothing seems to work right. Rows of machines are stacked, side by side and on top of each other, their general purposes lost. When I was young, I would dream of adventure, I would run through the trees and grass and imagine a foreign land where I could climb and discover. The dreams slowly transitioned to the world of circuit boards and user interfaces. The world around me slipped away as new worlds were being created and sold at retail for a reasonable cost. I read about them, I looked at pictures of them, I watched videos of them, I heard anecdotes about them, and I absorbed all of it. I bought them, and I keep buying them. My dreams have become expensive and unfulfilling, and now I am surrounded by my failure.

As much as my imagination creates mystery, these objects take it away. As much as I spend on mobility, they have taken mine away, yet without them I feel isolated and non-functional. With them, I am isolated and non-functional. There is no green field for me, and the clouds yield no peculiar shapes. Only the stars, only the world enveloped in darkness can pique my interest anymore. The night is my comfort; when the world becomes a very small place again. The same old streets seem less weary and there is mystery in every dark corner. The corners are empty. The streets are empty.

Despite the poetry of the darkened world, the same glowing beacons of scientific advancement still keep me enfeebled at their feet.

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