Monday, April 25, 2011

Quartarly Evaluation

morning sunlight drifting through curtains
hung slightly askew
and the fear of all that is outside
knows very well what can see me now
through cracks and window pane
and I too drift away

perhaps contaminated
my mind continues to travel
on one thought to another
leaving behind the significance of the past
ethics sewn into my very heart dictate only guilt
and I am sorry

in daydreams when you speak to me
I feel it is my great misfortune to have ever known you
or rather to have seen you
not so distant that I couldn't speak
but entirely wordless
and I still sit silent

I had friends once as we all do
but a worthless man makes little difference
but to take up space
easily occupied by his better
without regrets
and I cannot bring myself to be remembered

drifting further
I notice there is nothing that could have tied me down
it wasn't so much a decision as the decision
and I did not feel as though I needed support
I simply felt as though I had it
and I have made still more mistakes

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