Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Career

I pushed down on the lever and along with the paper towels I was expecting, a small white spider fell out a bit and caught himself on the trash. He was running full jaunt down to the floor and in a feat of self preservation, I stomped down upon him. Satisfied that he was no longer a threat, I went on with my work.

it soon became apparent that he had burrowed through my shoe, and indeed through my skin. He split himself into a thousand separate pieces each with its own consciousness and they moved through my veins unhindered by the blood cells and the soda that now replaced water as the primary liquid in my body. At each pore and at each follicle they made their home and each of the thousand split into a thousand of their own until they filled every presence of me. they had influence over the very molecules that made up my DNA and they made it their own.

For a time, I felt nothing, saw nothing. Then I saw flashes of red matched against the most agonizing pain, it was four shades deeper than blood red and just as thick. They disseminated the parts of me that they didn't like and replaced what they found unsatisfactory. My eyes were split into fourths and I saw like they saw. All the teeth, short of my incisors, fell from my mouth. Limbs sprang from my torso and my back lurched. I still stood upright, but ready to strike, and strike I did.

My brain, now made up of a million tiny spiders, was no longer the realm of thought, merely their control center for directing my mass. I made victims of all that crossed my path, consuming and converting them until I had raised an army. First, we marched against the earth, then the heavens, and finally we stormed through hell itself, devastating all and leaving nothing. Once all life had been wiped clear, we turned on each other. Just as quickly as I had brought them new life, they had slayed each other. I was left, the defacto victor, but I wasn't done. I had to eliminate all of my weak points. I tore the flesh from my bones. I ran my fingers through the drums of my ears, deafening myself. I grinded away my fangs to dust. One by one I tore out my eyes, serrating the ligaments and tendons that held them in place. Now I was ready.

I take my place on the throne that sits atop the universe.

King death.

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