Monday, April 25, 2011

My Moment of Happiness

the lights are back on; the illusion's gone
people are shuffling down the stairs all in a hurry
there is no rush, but no one can stand to stay
a seemingly endless parade of names without faces
propels a seemingly endless parade of faces without names
those who came in groups are chatting, arguing, laughing
there is no consensus in the shared experience
I came alone and I leave alone
I strike out into the night, lit erratically by streetlamps
I cut through the winding path, it's only visitor
it's dark, but I finally have a chance to take it in
I contemplate the meanings of things
in relation to what I've seen, what I've done, who I've been, who I'm not
and the world at night gives me the cold comfort of silence
closer to my home, I pass rows of houses; varying sizes, styles, decades
I know that there are people inside, passing the time
but their walls insulate me in my world of damp grass and shadows
and I am grateful to be inside this solitary cell
I think of the girls who have passed me by, all the what ifs
there is no bitterness as I walk these streets
failures become sentimentality; dire facts turn softly hopeful
the air is so clean, the world turned virgin again
I breath in the solemn youth
this is my doorstep, my moment's gone
retrieving my key, I turn the knob
the lights are on
the illusions gone
I exit my theatre

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