Monday, April 25, 2011

The End of All Dreams

“We kill dreams.” It was the slogan devised by the bitterly sardonic but admittedly effective hunters who had been thrust into existence by stupidity. People use to discuss the dreams they had for the future; it represented the goals they had for their lives, but now the word has lost all positive connotations. No one really believes in magic, but no one has an answer either. A lot of stories are told, passed around, reworked, forgotten and reassembled about how we arrived in this dark reality, this mockery of hope. The scientific conclusion is that the mental capability of humans has evolved, but without the ability to harness the new potential. Others believe that it is a gift from God… I suppose the same God that destroyed the world with floods and fire before. I don’t know exactly what caused it, but I imagine that life is a dark comedy, and whoever is guiding it heard the fools cry for all of their dreams to come true, and decided that letting them have it would be good for a laugh.

When I was a child, I was given medication at night. It blackens the mind. I never dreamt of a single thing at night, and when I was awake I was trained to focus completely and never let my thoughts stray. I was privileged. The world had turned into a twisted place, frequently afflicted with anyone’s bad thoughts. People didn’t trust their neighbors not to dream of their death; people didn’t trust their spouses not to dream of better lovers. In the beginning, it was nothing but a series of weird events, sometimes chronicled in the news, sometimes not even noteworthy enough to be mentioned. When people realized they were responsible, subconsciously, for these things, they became power hungry, murder crazed, and sometimes so regretful that they could no longer stand to live. Revenge was unstoppable and brutal; wealth was attainable but impossible to hold.

The minds of people are not a simple thing, but most underestimated themselves. It is not the thing in the front of your mind that becomes the reality, it is the thing that festers in the back of your mind, and the thing that you put away, but never really left you. Nobody really had control. We’ve tried our best to take away the humanity of humanity in a bid to save ourselves from ourselves, but there is always that point at which a child no longer takes what his or her parent says for granted. Brainwashing only works on one level; we quickly learned that just because someone does not say something, it doesn’t mean they’re not thinking it.

We battle it on two fronts now, minds are monitored and all off kilter thoughts are disposed of as quickly as possible, but those that get through, those of people who have managed to escape the grid, those ones have to be hunted down. Any physical manifestation has to be destroyed. Those who believe they are doing good are short sighted and pathetic. Those who wish only to cause destruction and unrest are just as pathetic. No one is smart enough to control their own mind, so we do it for them. We kill dreams… but dreamers just won’t die. Fools.

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