Monday, April 25, 2011


..Fraught with disappointment, my stomach turns. Is this the same world that I've been living in? Where have I been for the last six months? Every road is a dead end, and I want to feel the impact of the crash, the metal frame wrapping around me, and the embrace of leather and steel as I twist and shed skin, blood, and bone to fit my new home. I'd like to, but I can't, I wouldn't, I can't go down these roads. I'm scared to make a move in any direction, so I stay, stomach turning, watching the traffic.

"I am the guiding light," she said, and I could see through my haze. There, I had visions, and I communed with them, and for a moment I was sure. "I am the lonely night," I said, "but I'm willing to change." there, I stood, and she cried silent shining tears of blue. The world disappeared around us, and I became entranced in the soft glow of her cheeks, and the fiery brown in her hair.

Now I'm awake, and the darkness remains, filled with specters. I try to follow her path, but each dim light burns in the distance and fades away. I begin to develop a miserable pain in the pit of my stomach, as though lacking in her nourishment. I move through the uneventful, disheartening, empty days. Finally, I see her standing there. "You," I said, "you are the guiding light." Her back is turned towards me, and she stares into the empty scene.


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